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I started my organising business back in 2002 after I was asked by various colleagues to help them reorganise their home offices.  At this time there were only a handful of people working as professional organisers in the UK and I discovered that my services were much in demand.  Pretty soon I was writing a weekly newspaper column, had a regular slot on BBC Radio Berkshire and had my first book ‘Simplify Your Life’ published by Sheldon Press in 2006.

And here I am - 13 years and hundreds of clients later – still helping people who are struggling with too much stuff. Still creating order from chaos. Still providing practical hands-on help.

All those years dealing with other people’s clutter has convinced me that the less you own the happier you are!  I have never met anyone who is happy living in a terribly cluttered space, but I have met lots of people who break down in tears when they show me their mountains of paper and possessions.  

I’m not a minimalist – I actually like having nice things around me, but I don’t thrive in chaos and I know that I function best with less!  I firmly believe that too much stuff can seriously drag you down and prevent you from making progress in many areas of your life, even those which may appear totally unrelated to your clutter.

My children are grown up now but I have lived and worked through the busy family years and know how hectic life can be for working parents.  I have elderly parents who, like many of my senior clients, were brought up in the thrifty war years, so I understand the difficulties for this generation as they are faced with decluttering and downsizing.

Getting rid of clutter is a liberating process and can act as a great catalyst for change.  Once you start to declutter you start to feel better. Results are immediate!

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