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Will you make me throw away things that I want to keep?

No. I would never make you throw away something that you really wanted to keep. However, remember the aim of a decluttering session is to REDUCE stuff – not just move it around your home! I will work with you helping you to make sensible decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, but robust decluttering is the key to successful organising.

I’m scared that you won’t know what is important to me

I understand your apprehension. Before I start working with you I will spend time getting to know you and make sure I have a firm idea of the key areas of importance in your life; business, family, career, interests, hobbies etc. My method of working is to work closely alongside my client, but to always let him/her have the final decision before anything hits the binbag.

How long will it take?

This depends on how extreme the clutter is and to a large extent how strong your intention is to get rid of it. With the right mind-set and some swift decision-making, great progress can be made on a cluttered room in one day. However, if you want to talk more than you want to sort then it will take longer, and if you want to “go through” everything before I am allowed to touch it, again this will take a long time.

Is mine the worst place you’ve seen?

I am asked this question without fail every time I go to see a new client! My answer is always NO! Everyone has good and bad areas in their homes and every home I see is different, so please don’t feel embarrassed.

Is there a common problem that everyone has?

YES – in fact there are two: PAPER and PROCRASTINATION! Most homes I visit are sinking under paper. It comes into our homes on a daily basis and clogs our lives if we don’t stay on top of it. Be strict about what you keep and make sure you throw paper away on a daily basis. Procrastination is a common trait amongst all my clients, usually exacerbated by the compelling need to talk about everything instead of just getting on with it!

What if I want to sell some of my things?
You may have some items that are saleable and I can either help you find an ebay trader in your area or recommend an auction house that will be able to sell your items for you.

We’ve done one room, but what about all the others?
Hold on…one at a time! Once you start de-cluttering and enjoy the burst of positive energy it brings you will probably want to move on and do other rooms in your house. It’s wonderful to be keen but the danger is trying to do several rooms at once and simply creating more mess. I will help you stay focused and motivated; we will complete one room and then make plans for the next!

How much do you recycle?
I like to recycle wherever possible and always try to avoid unnecessary waste. If I know that something can be re-used by another person or organisation, I make sure that it is! At the end of a de-cluttering session I am happy to take away smaller items for donation to charity or help you arrange for larger items to be collected.


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